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November 15, 2007



This post has "secret Santa"" written all over it.


If this sort of thing makes you sport wood, Nash, might I recommend a good psychologist and/or a copy of John McPhee's "Basin and Range". The first can help locate you in the DSM, the second is pure magic for those so afflicted (grin). Frieze2 had me chuckling all day...


that's the first time i've seen bill hicks worked into a history lesson.
you should teach a class!


An equally amazing story, in a lesser volume and not part of the Landmark series, is the epic tale called The Anabasis (of Cyrus). This by Xenophon. This is not the same Cyrus, this is his grandson, and the tale of 10,000 Hoplites trampling their way through a hostile Persia, is awe inspiring partly because you start to realize what it means to be a 10,000 man army.

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