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November 28, 2007



The Cavett show is quite something. I've never seen that before.


When was this?

It's obviously after 1979, as Sid Vicious is dead, but Allan Carr says he's only 38. According to Wikipedia Carr was born in 1937, dating this 1974 or 1975.

Vanilla Been

C'mon. Bitchy? Primo punk. + Jet lag y dope. Doo dah. Hear the story of how Tom exploded at them during commercial break?

Chonn Wardle

orig rolling stone blurb + full transcript:

sid bators

tomorrow show DVD edits the interview a bit...lydon and levene drinking Molsons and grubbing smokes from tom are nowhere to be found.

Resident Clinton

The Tomorrow DVD has the unedited interview (there's still cigs being be bummed), I think the camera just didn't catch all the on-set action. But follow that Rolling Stone link for some nice commercial break anecdotes, though I must say that their reporter misses the mark on who is behaving the most badly - casting Snyder as way more of an innocent than he is.


John Cassavettes does the *best* swan dives I've ever seen. And nice to see Godfrey Cambridge--one of the most underrated actors ever. I first saw him on I SPY and he scared me to death. Then I saw THE WATERMELON MAN and laughed my head off.


cool that the ads are still in it, thnx

Dale Hazelton

Genuine Class! I loved Ben Gazarra in "Run for Your Life." After that he sort of fell off my radar.

Dang, that Jockey spot is great. Well written and simple. No CGI, no bullsh*t, love it! However, I'm past the age where I want my underpants to feel like they are painted on (I'll side with LBJ and go for the extra room down there). The civil rights subtext is kinda cool too.....

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