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November 21, 2007



Outstanding and inspirational. Too bad they cut away before that patient tossed a bedpan at Merrill.

Actually it looks like this is a scene from He Restoreth My Soul

IMDB entry for "He Restoreth My Soul

That's the "inspirational" documentary made about Merrill.

Here is Shock Cinema's Review of the movie with description of the hospital scene.

Extra bonus fun fact: the director of "He Restoreth My Soul is Mel White, father of Mike White, writer of "Chuck and Buck," "School of Rock," and writer/director of "Year of the Dog."

Ressa Harris

They finished by husband's funeral Sat. by playing your version of "Danny Boy". It touched my heart so much, all I can remember is the last verse "I love you so". It was as if Joe was speaking to me. I am attempting to find a CD with it on to purchase. Can you tell me which one?. How I can purchase it?
God Bless,

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