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November 15, 2007



Are you kiddin'? HPV is common as dirt. In fact a big controversy is raging now about giving a vaccine to girls to prevent future generations from suffering possible cervical cancer because of it. It's the wacky immune deficiency that's the 1::1000000 factor causing those hideous growths. Needless to say, the bible thumpers are adamantly opposed to treatment with the vaccine, because it would encourage girls to have sex. Yes, it's amazing, they don't have sex now, but if you gave it to them, they might. Yeah. Right.

Mark Allen

K: you were right, I didn't make that clear (changed/added), thanks.

I read ALL the words

K: Re-read the article please, particularly the part about HPV being "not UNcommon". Basically, you just angrily ranted the same points outlined in the post you didn't bother to properly read.


Those interested in this story should be sure to check out this article about an Indonesian guy with, from the looks of it, an even more severe case of it (article includes 2 videos). The fellow complains about the WEIGHT of the growths. Hopefully, the knowledge and treatments that helped Ioan can help this other person suffering from it, too:;jsessionid=MLYGYKBGOGQ2DQFIQMFSFGGAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2007/11/12/wtree112.xml


yes, i just saw in an issue of Fortean Times about a man (possibly ythis indonesian man) i think they call the 'tree' man, he is so stricken that his entire body looks almost wooden and bark-like. his entire forearms are weighed down in these huge fleshy horn-like growths, and his feet look like the roots of a cypress tree.
apparently his family cut back the growth when he sleeps or something, but he cannot bathe in water as it somehow makes the growths 'stink'(?) so he has to be sprayed with alcohol.


I also saw the tree man pics, and immediately thought of loan. What's remarkable about these "after" pic's is that you can now see the root of each growth is a wart. Given that the guy who helped is a missionary, I should/do apologize for dumping on the less enlightened members of his religion. But you know, the fact remains that we have now a cheap and effective vaccine that could eliminate HPV and it's distribution has been stopped here in the US. When I see those pic's of Loan, that situation really bothers me.

Holland Oats

that pic is EERILY similar to the one of hoffa just a little father down!


Click on my name to see the link below, which has an update on Dede from Indonesia, who has had several surgeries. The American doctor (Gaspari) is now being allowed to work with the Indonesian authorities.


That's the second grossest thing I've ever seen in my life.

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