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November 08, 2007


Chris Anderson

Thanks for pointing the record out to me! I haven't seen Mount Eerie / the Microphones for ages but this takes me right back. Good lazy listening.

track 5 is missing


missing link for Track 5 - My Burning -

adam c.

radical! what a cool guy. posted a song from the free cinders show here:


That "young French Canadian woman" is Elvrum's wife.

I actually really like how no one refers to her as his wife in blog posts or news stories. Maybe women in music have come a long way.


I was aware of the fact that she's his wife but decided not to mention it. It's difficult not share share information like that which is so *narratively* interesting - but I decided against it because it threatens to detract from her work. Which is really very, very lovely and perhaps at the moment even more touching and vital than Phil's.

I saw them live last night and was amazed at what she's doing. Most of her new songs use only loops of her voice, recorded live, with no instrumentation.

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