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November 18, 2007


tony c

Great interview.

I think I first saw Super Dave on Letterman or similar. The whole deadpan set up...and then a sight gag like Super Dave (an obvious stunt-dummy) being catapulted slam into a basketball backboard. The camera cuts back and everybody is laughing hysterically. Except Super Dave. Brilliant. I became an instant fan.


Another great interview, Kliph. Now I won't be able to sleep wondering what Cy Howard said/did!


This was a really great entry - I hope you can pump him for stories on a regular basis - if not, it will all be lost?


Not only is Bob Einstein the brother of Albert Brooks, his other brother is Cliff Einstein, a well-regarded ad executive. And their much older HALF-brother (from Harry Einstein's first marriage) was the late Charles Einstein, a veteran sportswriter who wrote the 1979 Pulitzer-nominated Willie Mays biography WILLIE'S TIME and edited the four-volume FIRESIDE BOOKS OF BASEBALL anthology series. If you're a baseball fan and ever come across the FIRESIDE BOOKS on eBay or at a used bookstore, buy them.

Michael Powers

A while back I mentioned that there don't appear to be any photographs or film of Lon Chaney and his son "Lon, Jr." together as adults. I'm sure I'm wrong about this, but I don't recall ever seeing Super Dave and Albert Brooks working or appearing together, working their separate acts or whatever, although I imagine (and maybe vaguely recall) that Bob Einstein might've appeared in some of his brother's early movies, I don't know. I always thought that, since Brooks and Super Dave work the same talk shows, it was strange that they never turned up on the same show at the same time. Of course, part of the whole joke originally was that you weren't supposed to know that Super Dave Osborne was Albert Brooks' brother; it was never mentioned for a long time.

Anyway, this was a hell of an interesting interview. Thanks again, Kliph. And I'm always fascinated by any information that ever emerges about their father. (I'd completely forgotten that Parkyacarcas was only 54 when he died; the story is always presented as though he was at the end of his career when he actually might've had decades to go (nearly five of them if only he could've had contemporaries Bob Hope's and George Burns' longevity). We never know when we're going to drop dead, and after that I think it's exactly like before we were conceived as far as our consciousnesses are concerned: this is all we get, there's no afterlife, so we must be sure to read (or, in your case, write) as many Kliph posts as possible.

Melissa Byers

In answer to Michael Powers' comment about seeing Bob and Albert together, you can find a picture in the Gallery on Bob's official web site from Albert's movie "Modern Romance" of the two of them in a scene.

Good interview!

Pete Genovese

Very nice interview. I remember Parkyakarkus and enjoyed his work on radio. One clarification. The "George Gibbert" thatBob Einstein is referencing is likely a guy named George Givot who did a lot of dialect comedy in vaudeville. A specialty of his was playing Greek immigrants, so I don't think he was stealing Harry's act at all. They were contemporaries and both doing the kind of dialect humor that a country heavy with recent immigrants enjoyed. Givot outlived Harry by a number of years and I guess a claim to fame he had in later years was as the voice of the Italian chef in Disney's LADY AND THE TRAMP.

JayMichael Roberts

I saw Bob Einstein on the Steve Allen Show when he did the demonstration about being able to stop an attacker. The bit was he never heard the "attacker" coming so Steve Allen, playing the straight man, had to walk louder and even cough before the attack.

Bob's brother Albert was in the audience and pretended to be upset that his brother's demonstration went terribly wrong.

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