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November 25, 2007


Kip W

The "Honey" sketch is one of the greatest things I ever saw on TV. It's great to know who wrote it. Dick sings the song better than Bobby Goldsboro(-ugh?) ever did, and plays it 90% straight, which worked perfectly. It's brilliantly staged in a revolving set that reveals each room as the guide sings his way to it. The set provides as many laughs as the dialog (the line "when she was there and all alone" is illustrated by a solitaire game on the table), and after the tour, the guests (including Bob Einstein) head for the gift shop and buy buttons that say "I'm Being Good."

I've tried to put the sketch on YouTube, but I don't know how to squeeze it down small and lousy enough to meet their exacting standards. If anybody knows a link that explains it, please share.

Listener #109577

Wow, this is the gold, so far. The longer this goes on, the more I think you have a book just in Murray Roman without anybody else (call it The Mystery Of M Roman)(Poe reference). Of course, it would probably end up on the remainder table within 4 months. The fancy trick of this book, though, would be to write it so that it revealed far more about the people you interviewed than it did about Murray Roman. So far, Mason Williams sounds like your best friendly witness, while Bob Einstein sounds like your most amusing hostile witness.

Michael Powers

Kliph, I think you're on to something with that idea about a book on the show's writers. It almost reminds me of Sid Caesar's writers. This whole series on Roman is just as entertaining as hell.

Richard Brandt

Ditto what everyone's said about a book full of this stuff, which has been an amazing work, and how oh, god, was that "Honey" sketch awesome. (Don't forget, you can buy a scale model of the Honey-wrecked car in the gift shop!)


The best Dating Game story I've ever heard was Harlan Ellison's. Love to find *that* tape (if it still exists).

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