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November 11, 2007


balloxe massissipi

Interesting interview. I downloaded the Roman thing, it's not brilliant but it is quite interesting, and you get the feeling he might've been on the verge of something great.

Mina Estevez

Wow. Thanks for that interview. Tommy Smothers remains one of my gods. I must have been only 8 or 9 when his show was on television, but like so many early influences it made quite an impact.


Interesting, insightful read. Thanks Kliph. I look forward to the Roman repost.

Listener # 109577

Aargh! To think that I helped start this mess!

My favorite Murray Roman bit is still his appearance on The Monkees.

And please tell Tommy that I still love him. What a mind!


Just thought I would add that yes, Norman Sedawie is still alive. He lives in Roseburg Oregon. I just delivered a tree to his house yesterday. Upon driving up to the house we saw a Hillary for President banner on the front lawn, so.....not sure about his current politics! He was very nice and teased me about my nickname! He has a beautiful view of the North Umpqua river and seems to be enjoying his retirement with his wife Gayle.

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