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November 12, 2007



I very much enjoyed the article and listening to the MP3s.


Thank you so much for bringing that to my attention, there's nothing like discovering something that wonderful out of the blue.

Dave the Spazz

Greg G. is a genius!
Looking forward to your recreation of The Bottom of the Bottle LP.


Great to see this kind of thing on the WFMU blog, give us more!~


An excellent article, well written, no hysteria and 'awesome' wasn't even considered once.


Great article and a great tribute to Porter Wagoner, Greg. G!

debbie daughtry

Well done, Greg! More! More!

Tut Taylor

I had the pleasure of playing on "The Bluegrass Story" a bluegrass album that Porter recorded with RCA in 1964. Benny Martin,Buck Trent,Tut Taylor, Ray Edenton and a bass player. Porter was a gentlemen and a pleasure to work for.I don't think RCA pushed this LP at all.I still have an un-opened copy.

Debbie D

Tune in to Music To Spazz By from March 29th 2007 to hear more country music as selected by Greg G!

Dale Hazelton

I drove through Nashville in 1989 and stopped at the Opry as a daytime detour. The best part was a display of Porters Nudie suits and boots. Made the whole trip worthwhile.

Duane Gordon

Thanks for the great recap of a career of a country music giant. However, one big piece was missing. His greatest critical acclaim, his greatest album sales, and his greatest number of awards all came for his nearly decade-long duet partnership with Dolly Parton. Although they split very bitterly in the mid-1970s, they rekindled their friendship so much so over the past 20 years that she was by his side with his family members at his death. While she does tend to overshadow his other career accomplishments in the public's eye, and it is certainly wrong for many media outlets to ignore his massive solo contributions, it is equally as wrong to ignore his time with Dolly when offering an overview of his long career.


...just another tip of the hat for a great, great post. Thanks!

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