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November 21, 2007


Richard Brandt

A certain Nena song comes to mind, but since my remixing capabilities at present are nil, I'll just toss the idea out there.


Cool. I might try this.

It might be fun to do this with John Edwards saying "My daddy was a mill worker", too. :P


Hey Ken... how does one upload either the mp3 or WAV to their harddrive? I tried a variety of things that failed.

Certainly all candidates are lying garbage, but the amazing irony is that Rudy is the LAST person who should mention Sept 11th b/c the 1993 bombers and friends promised to return to raze the Twin Towers and Rudy didn't care. There are hundreds of separate scandals re 9/11 that should end Rudy's career.

The fact that Bush and Rudy (and their media) spun their complete and absolute FAILURES to protect America on 9/11 into proof of their "national security" leadership is one of the most insane moments in human history.

Even smart people believe Rudy was great on 9/11! Hooray! We only lost NYC's two tallest buildings and 3,000 people in 2 hours, but the man RESPONSIBLE (according to RUdy's own words) is considered a hero for THIS leadership!

If you want a LOT more dirt on the most corrupt man to ever run for president, take a gander at



More soon!

General Zod

Wow, I never noticed before, for some reason he always says September Eleven, never September Eleventh. Wondering if it's because of his lisp or something...


Have you seen this, Ken? It's a reporter actually doing their homework and compiling how Rudy literally did answer so many diverse tough questions with "September 11th"!!


Having seen TPM's video, all I could think of was the downbeat on The Chambers Brothers "Time Has Come Today"


the word september starts to sound unreal after a while. like when you look at a word for long enough and it seems like it's spelled weird.


I guess this is the whole point here but it bears saying that he is going to wear out "September 11th" not just among Lil' Markie fans but with September 11th fans. Most Republicans hate New York city anyway. So it won't be long before people start associating September 11 with New York City and not a minute and a half of demolition porn. As excuses to hate on people in the third world go, I suppose it had a good run.


Another idiot who wraps himself in the glory of all the 9/11, Sicking. Nixon want-a-be.


This is my entry for the contest.


"SeptEl" is awesome!

Nat Stevens

dont think rudy has what it takes

Frank Panucci

Yow -

In case my submission didn't arrive because Verizon email is tagged as spam, here's the FP remix:




So far, "Talking Points" is easily my favorite.


I wish we could vote! (On these.)

Dina Cox

Rudy did an outstanding job on 9-11.


i did mine as a video. i hope that counts:

Listener Fantod

Although the 9/11 pandering sickens me, the most I could work up was a little sarcasm, and ferrets:

To anybody with better audio skills: mash up Kraftwerk's Numbers and Rudy.

Some amps go up to 11, some people stop at 9/11.


I only know of you through MC Paul Barman. He gives you a shout out on at least one of his songs.

Keep the Peace. Please.



Part 2 is only the coda of my entry! Yipes!

Sorry Ken, but Part One has all the beef!




the last four or so Remixes don't play at all, including mine. (Part 2 is just the creepy coda. Part 1 is one of the best in the whole contest.)

(And I have no problem saying some of my stuff sucks.)

hope it can get fixed, but understand you're likely swamped

- Touching You

Station Manager Ken

OK, everything should be fixed up now. TY - I only received one file from you. The first one you sent me early on didn't work.



IF ANYONE CARES, I just put one of the most insightful RUDY REMIXES on my myspace page b/c it hasn't been put up here in a week:

- Touching You


Am I an idiot, because I can't find where Ken posted the winners?


Where are the winners listed? I thougt Ken was going to post them.

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