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November 22, 2007



the best part is how the guy on the right mirrors the expression of the man biting the dog in the background mural.

Listener Rick

Crusader Rabbit, of course, which means this is from 1951 or so? So which one is Jay Ward? Is the woman Lucille Bliss? And where was that bar with the amazing art on the wall?

Kip W

Well, sure, the Crusades sounded like a great dream...

Brendt Rioux

Hey Ken,
What IS this photo and more importantly, what IS that painting in the background? Do ya know? Looks a little like Jim Flora stuff...?

P.S. I'm the GM at WCBN these days. When are you in Ann Arbor... (until?)


Station Manager Ken

I dont remember where I nabbed this photo from. I recognize the artist whose illo is on the poster but I dont remember his name - it's not Flora though. He was a popular 50's and 60's illustrator.

Brendt - I will be in Ann Arbor between Xmas and New Years. E-mail me - ken at wfmu dot org

Listener James from Westwood

Wm. Burroughs' "Thanksgiving Prayer" (the source of Ken's header) is brief, topical, and worth hearing in full:


the mural depicts the old newsman's joke: man bites dog. the reporter and press photographer are visible; the dog, less obvious. since the studio was in LA, perhaps angelenos can tell us if it was a press club or something...


oh, and the mural artist sorta kinda looks like sasek to me.

Listener Rick

The hats and the shield are tie-ins to Crusader Rabbit, the first animated series made specifically for TV (the CR on the shield the guy on the right is holding stands for Crusader Rabbit, and the hats are effigies of the title character). Crusader Rabbit was created by Jay Ward, who went on to do Rocky and Bullwinkle and later George of the Jungle, which makes me suspect that he's one of the guys in the photo. I've never seen the cartoon, but when I was very small I had a tie-in coloring book.


A bit of trivia that won't help: this picture was the cover of Fool's Paradise 2005 premium.


Neither one of them is Jay Ward or Bill Scott from what I know of their look. I used to see Crusader Rabbit after school from time to time on local TV in the early 70's (Wash/Balt market).

I do wonder who these people are-especially the woman, who is strangely attractive. No one knows?

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