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November 29, 2007



The Cracklebox is a simple battery-and-humanoid-powered synth (still available at, where the performer uses his/her own flesh to make the electrical connections. The sound is a combination of controlled feedback and shortwave static, the original "glitch" device.

Listener Dave

Let us not forget Paul Metzger, with his modified 21-string banjo and guitar.

Also Greg Malcolm, who plays 3 modified guitars at once:

Kurt Gottschalk

Yeah, Metzger's great. I saw him a few weeks ago, and included him in a previous TFGTSI.

I'll have to watch for Greg Malcolm.

And Illlich, thanks for the tip on the Cracklebox.


Um, let's not forget Charo, who really knew how to play a modified guitar, ok, coochie coochies?

Newbie Brad

Some pics and soundfiles related to my 7 string fretless plywood plank guitar. Recorded by a Shure microphone.

Newbie Brad

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