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November 05, 2007


John Bergmayer


Thank you, fellers!


I've been trying to figure out how to do this myself. Awesome!

Scott M

Woww! It's working really well. Currently listening to the 128k stream Anti Static podcast on wifi at work without issue. Very cool. Thanks, Doron et al.


Just a thought on the built in radio and the iPhone. There are tax implications in Europe if you sell a device with a radio in it.
I dicovered this when I bought a Sansa e260's . The hardware contains an FM tuner, but access to it has been disabled in Europe (EMEA region) on a software level due to the increased tax radio-capable devices attract.

Apple may have decided that the hassle wasn't worth it

My 2c



works beautifully over wifi; will report back with edge test.


Sweet! Check this out:


The iTunes store exists so that Apple can move more hardware, so it doesn't seem likely that Apple is avoiding streaming radio to sell more songs. More likely that people would be disappointed with the quality of the streams over the edge network.


From "iPhone Terms and Conditions" on the Apple website:

"Prohibited and Permissible Uses: Data Service sessions may be conducted only for the following purposes: (i) Internet browsing; (ii) email; and (iii) corporate intranet access ... EXCEPT FOR CONTENT FORMATTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH AT&T'S CONTENT STANDARDS, UNLIMITED PLANS CANNOT BE USED FOR UPLOADING, DOWNLOADING OR STREAMING OF VIDEO CONTENT (E.G. MOVIES, TV), MUSIC OR GAMES"

So could AT&T cut you off for streaming WFMU on your iPhone, or is it considered within "AT&T's content standards?"



So when I bought this gadget three weeks ago - I knew about all the unlocking stories.. but who cares I thought I have ATT - BUT there was no flash - and the first site I went to was WFMU - and I felt like such a sad sad fool looking at the "cannot play file" message

but now I am rocking out with FineWine!!

can we add Ken, Liz, Rex, Billy Jam, Brian, Scott

I know I know

get an inch - want a mile

great work!

Listener bkd

I've been listening to streaming podcasts over my PSP for a couple of years now. But the wifi module burnt out, so I have no idea if they've added live streaming functionality to the latest firmware.

The trick I still need to figure out is streamshifting, translating your live stream into a media server friendly feed that I can play over my home network MP3 player.

Jerry Greene

Great Job! I can't wait till everyone starts using technology like this. Now if they would just integrate flash video (so many websites us it) that would be great!




Doesn't really work for me, on Edge or WiFi. It keeps repeating the same 4 minute fragments.

Jerry Greene

in response to jhn:

I'm having the same issue. Before, it wasn't doing that, but now it's repeating every few mins, or so.


Same here. With the 32k stream over EDGE, it manages to play 5-7 minutes, then all of a sudden, it loops back around to where I originally started playing the stream.


lol, all that hassle to get "the real, not watered-down version of internet".


Thanks to everyone for the feedback and sorry to those that are having problems. We are currently working on the situation with Tversity to see if we can figure out why some of you are getting the looping problem. I'll post back here once I have an update.

Josh Carr

Listening to the 32K stream over EDGE and it sounds great. Thank you WFMU!


We have just put a patch in place which should resolve the looping problem that a few people on here were having. happy streaming...

Zach in Mississippi

You know, if you created another wml (mobile phone) page, those of us with regular cell phones could also stream your station. I've got AT&T prepaid and an unlocked phone and CAN'T stream anything at all (idiots, ATT not you) but anyone with an AT&T branded SonyEricsson walkman phone like mine can stream mp3s with a data account.

Just thought I'd let you guys know. I used to stream mp3 stations all the time with this phone when I had T-Mobile and their $5/month unlimited internet service... :)


I know this conversation is old, but there is another way to stream WFMU, which is what I've been doing. If you jailbreak your ipod touch (or iphone), you can install the iRadio app. Since it uses Shoutcast, you can find WFMU in the directory listings (I found it under "Free"). Unfortunately, iRadio uses a lot of memory and hangs every now and then, but if you install the BSD system files and the terminal app, you can drop to the file system and kill iRadio. Overall, though, this approach is too hacky and a pain for most people (but it gives you access to lots of great streams aside from WFMU's). I will be using the Tversity approach for WFMU, but for those of you out here that enjoy listening to weird Polish Christmas stations or radio-free Iran, check out iRadio, but be prepared to hack around some...


I'd like to be able to stream KGO in San Francisco over my iPhone. Any chance you could hook them up??

Hank Holman

Will this work on Iphone 1G?

James Robinson

I have just downloaded the application, and have been using it - the thing that really annoys me is that if, for some reason it loses the feed, you have to press an OK button on a dialogue box that pop-up to 'start' it again.
It would be a lot better if it could do this automatically - then I wouldn't have to get up and down from my chair.

iPhone Application

One of my co-worked built one of these. He further modified it so that it beeped like a geiger counter when the physical brakes are applied. This feedback can be used to maximize regen.

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