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November 13, 2007



I saw the movie this weekend as well and it is so important and necessary right now! We are in a crisis in this country, in this world, and overconsumption is a symptom of a greater problem: Fear. We need to take back control of our lives and not be afraid that if we don't have that product, that thing that will make all our problems go away, that we won't survive. We need to take our lives back from the corporations and Back Away! I love you Rev Billy and the Choir---you are courageous people.

not to scale

i have a ray stevens single, Would Jesus Wear a Rolex which sums it up quite nicely


What would Jesus buy? I think Jesus would go ape-shit at Home Depot. I'm thinking powertools. Start with the first temptation of Christ, the pneumatic nailer. It's a slippery slope from there.

dj hojo

This is brilliant....he is going to make money off of people telling them not to spend money! These people are such hypocrites.

There is a huge difference between responsible consumerism and what is described in this "film".

Before being indoctrinated by this nonsense, please read THIS ESSAY.

Kenzo ( /

dj hojo: He isn't telling people not to spend money. He's critiquing rampant, mindless consumerism. It's not the same thing. Spending money to watch a political satire isn't the same thing as spending money on crappy, environmentally destructive sweatshop goods (or banal corporate coffee chains). So, where's the hypocrisy?

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