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November 29, 2007



how great would that be to see the riaa go down in flames. a hateful, hateful bunch.


Doesn't seem likely to me that a $25 million potential savings in RIAA fees would have been the only thing behind a 4.7 B-B-Billion dollar purchase. The fact that most of Terra Firma's other businesses are about leasing of various kinds (property, aircraft, even pubs) makes me think there's a strategy at work here that might make the music "buying" public less than happy.


That was kind of an obnoxious thing for EMI to do to Radiohead, but aside from the fact that I'd sooner just go out and buy a physical album in the first place for the album packaging and the [negligible] higher audio quality, personally, I'd rather buy digital music downloads as DRM-free MP3s - I don't want music that I purchased to ever be unavailable due to a glitch or compatibility or such. So in my book, both Radiohead and EMI are doing things to make me more likely to buy music in digital download form.

Course, I'm still going to wait for the TBD Records release of "In Rainbows" on CD, so whaddaya gonna do.


Wait for the vinyl edition!

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