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December 02, 2007


pea hix

i was going to submit a set of home movie / slide show music records to 365days, but never got around to it. typically the music on these discs was licensed from one of the major production music libraries of the day, ie capitol, etc.

Katya Oddio

Bravo, B.C.! I've passed these over
in thrifts, and I'm kicking myself
for it now. This would mix well with
that Kresge record at Oddio and with
the "Music for TV Dinners" CD. Love
this! Thank you, BC, OF and WFMU.


Tooooo perfect... this is going in the growing "WMFU Oddities" folder of samples to mangle... many thanks for this particular one, it's just what the doc ordered...


This is FANTASTIC. It's like incidental music straight out of every bad TV show from Family Affair to Bonanza. OK, maybe not the boing sound.


I remember a "Music for Home Movies"-type album put out under the Major Records label; perhaps you could dig that up?

David Holt

I like Music For Party Scenes because it sounds like the party is at Alfred Hitchcock's house...

oh my god, music for party scenes... that's just too perfect.

J. Theakston

This sounds particularly British, so I'm going to guess some of these tracks were licensed from an outfit like AMP/KMP.


The composers are Harold Bluestone and Emil Cadkin and the source was the old John Seely/Capitol records library. Many cartoons ("Augie Doggie" particularly) and TV series used tracks like those as well as from other composers...J.Theakston, many were British. Hey, Katya Oddio, loved the S.S.Kresge albums, still trying to figure the cues out only I have I'd some of those (one-I forget whiuch, for example, on the Ksresge one was Robert Farnon's "Seventh Heaven")

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