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December 03, 2007



"Magic Moog Nursery Rhymes" from Prof. Bumble's Magic Machine?!?! I haven't even heard it and I can already tell I wanna hear the whole el-pee! :-)


Interesting selections! I had never heard most of these before, I particularly like Swinging London which sounds like it's lifted from a stage musical - and the Amadeus Carmel song. Brilliant!


excellent stuff - I have posted on this, and suggested that what you really need is the Muppet version of Knocked 'em in the Old Kent Road

David Noades

Thanks Transportine, I have got Fozzy Bear's version of Old Kent Road somewhere from the Muppet Music Hall EP but I didn't have room for any more on the comp.


Makes we wish there was a Dick Van Dyke album of Cockney songs somewhere. . . great stuff!
What about Marvin Gaye's 'Sexual Ealing' ? . . ;-)

John Scott Cree

I was pleasantly taken aback by your mention of "Palais". Thanks. Must check out the ring tone with a view to inflicting it on my kids. There's a better version as "Incident at Hammersmith Palais" (1978) which appeared on the Pye album "Wivabandon". Happy Christmas. I hope you'll find seasonal room for the other side of "Palais" - included in a podcast with the late Tommy Vance at

David Noades

Thanks for your input Jon, I have checked out your site, there's some great stuff there. I will try and get Otis to include Rudolf if there's room.

Jude Cowan

Wow what an excellent selection of London songs
I must send you a copy of my own (awfully pompous) Docklands Blues that I wrote in the late 1980s about the redevelopent of the Isle of Dogs...just for your collection you understand
Well done with your archiving, it's most impressive
I shall have to give the radio a good listen, looking forward to it
But what a GREAT selection of songs mate, thank you!


Dick a dum dum !!!!! So I am SO happy to be English !!!!!


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