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December 04, 2007



Nancy Walker also directed the Village People's movie "Can't Stop the Music". Apparently she didn't hate ALL men.

Rory Murray

If I didn't know better, I could swear that this was Bette Midler. Am I nuts or what?


apparently this is one of boyd rice's favorite records...

The Original Larry

Nancy Walker later went on to the role she is most remembered for; as Rosie the Waitress in the classic Bounty paper towel TV commercials of the '80s:


"To Keep My Love Alive" is a long-treasured item in my download collection, posted on this very blog during marathon one year as a freebie off someone's (Charlie's?) prior pledge premium. Now I've got the whole album!!

My daughter is glad 365 days is drawing to a close. Kids today don't understand quality.


She was a Broadway star back in the day: Best Foot Forward (she was also in the film version in case you want to see her sing and dance with June Allyson), On The Town (she's on the original broadway cast recording), and Do Re Mi.


i'm so glad yoyv'e all enjoyed this record, as much as i've had


Wow, Nancy Walker is really being mean to her Pee-Wee Herman doll.

Rick Clark

Nancy also played the maid in MacMillan and Wife which starred Rock Hudson and Susan Saint James. She also palyed a deaf mute maid in Neil Simon's Murder by Death.

Tom Ayre

I had the great privilege of working with Ms Walker in "Wonderful Town" at the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera. She, of course was great as Ruth Sherwood. In one week she taught me more about playing comedy that I ever learned during the rest of my career.

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