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December 09, 2007


Tod Robbins

Brilliant. Thanks for converting all of those. I think the insert to "Your Children Need More of You..." is really brilliant. I'm all about taking shots at materialism.


When you say "warped" I take it you mean physical vinyl distortion and not content-wise?

The idea that any serious consideration is given to a person buying into the Mormon mythology (secret magic underwear, NY huckster a peer to Jesus, extra-planetary overlords, racist religious morphology, etc.) as a potential President is one scary commentary on the State of the Union.

Fine Johnson

There's no one quite like the Mormons. What other movement has ever been so earnest yet so inscrutable?

Mickey Mephistopheles

Did you hear the one about the dyslexic Mormon who ended up at Burning Man? He was looking for the LSD Church! (rimshot)


yo! -- b.c. sterrett -- hope yr tracking these responses!

first -- this is great, what A Work & A Glory to have this digitized! i'm frm utah as well & have been gathering this sort of detritus for years (born in northern utah, i stalk around the provincial d.i.'s (read:layton & ogden) for this incredible material.

do you have the one made to convert local native americans? it's particularly luscious, with all sorts of ploys for bringing the lost tribes back into the fold.

anyhow, if you'd like to backchannel me, i've hording some goodies back at home in salt lake, tho i live in tokyo now. admire the lost media archive project -- KEEP ON!

j.h c


I heard about Latter day saints Churches and there services it's great to know that your services reaching the children and poor and I definitely work out with the Mp3's in the post and thanks for remembering and intimating about our children and keep doing your projects to take peace and love to every once life.

b.c sterrett

Secret Magic Underwear? lol, it isn't magic or secret. Nor is Joseph Smith a peer to Jesus. We live to fight against racism. People hated us in the early years because we were against slavery. We were also some of the first to give votes to women.

Why are people so against an organization who works some of the world's greatest humanitarian efforts for the sick, poor, and hungry. An organization who pulls families together, to believe in Jesus Christ, to be honest, virtous, kind, and to serve your fellow men? I can think of alot worse things in this world to attack.

I've been a member my whole life. My ancestors lived, died, and were killed during the early years of the church. So if anyone wants to ask any intelligent questions about the church inspite of what the anti's and reformists write online, feel free to contact me :)

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