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December 10, 2007



"Music as Furniture" probably refers to Erik Satie, who originated the satirical expression ("musique d'ameublement") for pieces meant to be heard in the background. Satie wrote several sets of musical pieces under the title. The Martin Denny of his era.

The Pube

I believe the messages were put on at the "cutting" stage by the guys in the studio. Sometimes the mean something relating to the group or sometimes the studio guys (A Porky's Prime Cuts is a famous one from the 1970s).
I kind of miss them, lonely young men could obtain a cheap and fleeting thrill from the discovery of a message on their new "disc".


This is awesome. Thank you. I want more exotica posts!

Station Manager Ken

Amazingly. nobody has identified the main person behind this disk, who was and still is, a WFMU DJ. But I ain't telling!



I ain't telling, either. Great rekkid.


what Ken said and what Bradford said, and, it aint from this last decade neither-- it is from the last century!!


Hey! What's with the quotation marks around "classic"? You got some kinda problem with Les Baxter?!?! I admit it's only classic if you've heard of it, but still...

Wicked post, but anyone who digs this ought to at least track down the great compilation "The Exotic Moods of Les Baxter" for the full-on versions.


Ken, what are you talking about? This is Larry Seven thru and thru. He is behind this disk as producer, arranger, and plays almost all the instruments. I know he exists because I have seen him walking the streets of the east village very late at night. Yes he is allusive but he is for real. I just hope he will do more of this genre because it fits him like an old worn iridescent suit.


ken , is it Fabio ?


Chris, Take a look at the back cover credits. Fabio is only credited with the jungle sounds. No doubt he would take credit for this masterpiece if it was due him.


I agree with Mogambo, though I'd hunt down some of his LP's like "Space Escapade" or "The Dunwich Horror" soundtrack or oooooh "Hell's Belles" soundtrack!!

Les Baxter is amazing.


Hello to all -

Just to clarify a few things about this record: Lary Seven (Yes, one R please!) was the producer of this recording, but he did have lots of help from a variety of musicians, among them: Canadians Gordon Monahan and Gordon W. and local percussionist Michael Evans. I did bird and jungle calls, but was one of 3 doing so. Lary did do the production, engineering and played some instruments as well. He also took the cover photo. Another former WFMU dj - Johan - was the "Executive" producer - meaning he put it out - around 1994. Another similar recording has been in the works but has been stalled for some time due to complications with the musicians, it is hoped that that recording can be released some time in the not-too-distant future...



got this record in a misc/gems section at vinyl edge....awesome wierdo tiki lounge music!!!!!


Runoff groove messages? The reality is sometimes it can just be a name of whomever mastered the record, or a manufacturing code. No Orphan Annie secret decoder messages, just benign stuff. Sorry to disappoint you.

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