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December 11, 2007


Kip W

I heartily endorse this product or service!

Rev. Joe Roberts

Man, nothing beats generic advertising. This is ripe for a remix contest...

Mickey Mephistopheles

Audio clip art. I love it!


Awesome stuff. I was thinking that someone might get around to some CRC stuff.

CRC records are fantastic. They came in generic, color coded covers (all titled "The Money Maker"). The ones I've dug up (I'm sure there might be more) break down like this:

Yellow: The weirdest, and those have 3-6 second vocal bits/tags/add-ons in harmony, solo, etc. (i.e.: "It's WONDERFULLLLLLL!!", "COME on DOWN!")

Dark blue: The one you posted - usually a grab bag of all sorts of generic jingles for all sorts of businesses. Incredible.

Light blue/gray: These are for bigger ad campaigns, usually featuring a whole album side of generic jingles for a specific business.

Dark green: generic holiday jingles ("Shop for your holiday dinner at our STOOOOOOOORE!")

Red: time signatures. Don't know what else was on the red label, as that's the only one I've found.

They are pieces of genius! Other generic jingle records are out there too, like by Mars Productions or the "Radio Hucksters" but CRC far outshines them.

Webhamster Henry

My ringtone is from this series, I think, that just goes, "HEYYYY YOUUUU!! Who me?".. my favorite is one that simply goes
"No Need to worry, here's why!"

Can't get enough of these!

monte moose

Here's a link to Langworth Radio Hucksters, a similar recording made for radio station WOMT in Manitowoc Wisconsin.

Uncle Bling

I acquired a huge pile of these same records Mickey Mephistopheles just described above when they were cleaning out the local country station in my home town about 10 years ago. Truly wonderful stuff!

I really want to digitally archive the whole pile of 'em in the near future to my laptop. These really must be preserved for future generations!

Uncle Bling

Sorry, I meant JW posted that.

Wilbur Mercer

Here's the link to the Langworth Radio Hucksters. Classic stuff indeed.

Simple Pete

We have used things like this for years. I will have to dig it up, but I have one from the late 80's that is horrible.


In the words of Diana Christensen, "This is terrific stuff!"

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