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December 14, 2007


Walter Brennan

Great set of oddball recordings. Highly enjoyable.

Dennis Flannigan


Thank you. Loved your Christmas album.


John Carlton

DENNIS! Thanks for the awesome Tacoma stuff... love that Heidelberg ad.
I'm a big wfmu fan and Tacoma resident. we've met time let's talk WFMU and tunes!


What comes up as Myrtle Baker is obviously wrong as the voice is that of a guy.Probably Baker Myrtle or Mirkle

Chris in NH

Freight Train Blues - Unknown Woman
Well, I'm sorry, but I got a fixation on this woman's voice now. Wish I knew who it was. Anyone have any idea when this was recorded or who it could be?? I think I'm in love. (where does she hold all that air??)


thanks, i remember seeing baby gramps as a kid. he was older then, by now he is probably a young man. isn't that what happens when babygramps ages?
i also remember artis playing his spoons sometimes down in Fremont. when i go to heaven i want to come back as a soup spoon virtuoso. spoons always provide such pleasurable music . thanks for the memories

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