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December 15, 2007


David Noades

Hey you're right, Who's Afraid is scarly, even just to listen to. These are great and would be even better with the accompanying film strips (something for YouTube perhaps?). I live in Britain and learniing was never this much fun! It's amazing the stuff that's out there and we thank you guys for bringing them to us.


Awesome stuff! I love the philosophical questions posed by the narrator in "Mistakes". It's a stark contrast to the piling down with homework and taking NCLB tests. Thanks for posting this.


It is highly possible that this was written by Ken Nordine,even though he is not narrating it himself.At a thrift store,about 2000,I found a pile of records,that went with filmstrips for elementary schools,all from the early 70s.No films,just the records.I bought two cool ones about introductory science,written and narrated by Ken Nordine.They are as esoteric as you would expect.I feel pretty dumb now,that I didn't buy the whole pile.

I have been listening to WFMU online since 2002,but have only been listening to what's on the blog in the past month.It would be great if you could do another 365 Days project,in 2010 perhaps.I have enough myself to do one,all with records you never uploaded.

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