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December 17, 2007


Ruud Verkerk

I found a nice collection of 71 versions of Besame Mucho, maybe something for this great blog?



Certainly, this is the same group as The Green County Boys that were featured earlier in the year with the LP "Medic Emetics." Get it together, people...

Kate Gladstone

The same Singing Doctors had another album — "Thanks for the Miseries" — which sometimes turns up on eBay and in other on-line sources for old vinyl records.

To find copies currently offered, Google this:
"singing doctors" miseries

Could you please buy it, make the MP3s, and post them somewhere?
I use songs with medical lyrics as practice writing-material in the handwriting classes I run for hospital doctors
— playing the MP3s, or singing the songs, while the MDs transcribe the lyrics —
and I've just talked with someone at the Green County Medical Society to get permission to add the Singing Doctors' songs to my repertoire ... so of course I want to have MP3s handy, so I can use the songs as soon as I get permission (without going out and - GASP! - buying a turntable).

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