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December 21, 2007



Omfg! I'm either ashamed to be British or just reeling from the weird nostalgia from just the names involved... Thank You! (I think)... I will burn a bunch of these as Xmas presents for friends, and spread the love (along with its attendant pain).

Also a reccommend to anyone who digs on this - the cast recording from the '60s show "Share My Lettuce", which shot Kenneth Williams to fame, and anything by the excellent musical comedy duo Flanders & Swann (in particular "The Wompom").

Peace, merry xmas n ting...


thanks for these - much appreciated

Dai Rees

To all my American friends - That, ladies and Gentlemen is real Humour. LOL

Brilliant We need More!!

A Merry Christmas to everyone


Louisville Dan

Hell yes! This is what I've been wanting to hear and didn't know it. Holy Crap! Thanks David.

Elliott Peters

Huge thanks for these... I'm British and all these names mean a lot to me. That Les Dawson track had me crying with laughter bringing back many fond memories of a true Great in British comedy history.

Walter Brennan

Superb post, matron!

David Noades

Thanks for the kind comments guys, I hoped this would brighten up your Christmas.

If anyone's interested the CD cover shot of Charles Hawtrey (who sadly doesn't appear on the compilation - he never recorded any records) was taken from a 1970 Sunday Mirror magazine cover, an article about keeping fit.

Cary on laughing!


oooooh,shut that door! really excited about this post,really made my day,im a big fan of 70's british comedy,some classic names and songs on ere,i even remember some when they were in the charts,as in the two ronnies,i always loved the end of every show when they dressed up and done there songs with amazing wordplay....class act...merry xmas,keep up the good work!


So what the hell is a 'Guvnor Throat' ? I'm doin me nut here John.
A wonderful selection of songs, many thanks. My partner is always going " Ooh, knickers knockers knackers! " and screwing her face up. . . I shall retaliate with the Freddy 'Parrot face' Davies number in her in box.
have a happy xmas and thanks for your excellent contributions to 365.


Thanks for these - Xmas is the time for nostalgia!
Guv'nor throat: is it the 'guv'nor' or the 'throat' bit which is causing confusion? The Adam's apple sticking out from the throat sometimes betrays the fact that a man in drag is not a woman, and 'guv'nor' means 'man', so Mike Reid is simply saying , I assume, that the person in the song has a man's throat. If only he'd told Ray Davies before he danced with Lola!

Private Beach

Great stuff - thanks. Let's have more like this.

I met Les Dawson once in Hong Kong (he was a friend of my landlady at the time) - he was just as lugubrious off stage as on.

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