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December 27, 2007



this is awesome! particularly as such obscurities as "i wanna pick you up" and "meant for you" are included. a+ win for the find :D

johnny alonso

Oh my God, its almost genius! I stumbled on Toru & Kojima's "Surfer Girl" while trying to post music on my myspace page. I couldn't get over what they (or he) was trying to do with the song. So, I did a web search on "Toru & Kojima" to see if anything else existed out there, that's how I found you. I listened to their version of "Don't Worry Baby" (my all time favorite song) and couldn't get over how serious this cover act really is! I now believe this cd was put out not as a joke, but as something to be marveled and listened to with respect. Hey, knock your socks off if thats the intent. But wow - maybe its the difference is cultures, but I can't really listen to it without saying to myself (and I'm not trying to be mean) but what are they thinking?? Maybe its for the love of the Beach Boys music. I give them the courage to put it out in public. More power to you, guys. I think :)


I feel this album would be best enjoyed :
*In a diaper
*Covered in tapioca pudding
*Locked in a cabin in the Ozarks
*Spanking small Dutch boys who are dressed like Jacqueline Kennedy.

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