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December 28, 2007



This is pure bliss. Kudos and all that web slang type apropos to you my friend!


Hello there at 365 days project,

I have to offer some weird german songs and coverversions of international hits.
German sung versions of Night Fever, Video killed the radio star, Heart of stone, Good time Rock'n roll, Love is in the air, a german Teen Powerpop Band from the Seveneties, a weird german version of Another brick in the wall and more german madness.
If you are interested, you can listen and download at:
Playlist pic here:


[email protected]

Adam Gott

Nice. Amazing that a thirteen year old and a six year old could create this! I have linked to it at my blog (my trackback doesn't currently function)

tom leyland - enthusiast


they DO have a myspace page where i assume you can direct your own questions, congratulations, and perhaps compensate them for the value of the recordings.

this is not a hoax. death killers are more real than OLD SKULL. they DID grow up in east peoria, il. no joke i met the piper brothers in boy scouts. i can assure you, they discovered DIY at a very precocious age.

fame tracking

as of today their profile views = 1034
let's see if they take the web by storm

Louisville Dan

Brilliant! Thanks for the post.


I LOVE this site so much!
Death Killers is just the latest reason why.

Have a great New Year!

"Dollar" Bill (Canada)


This reminds me of a tape a friend of mine found in Brooklyn (thrift shop?) that was two kids with limited guitar (or even musical) skills doing a song called "Hellsville", in fact there was a whole tape of them performing but my nimrod friend brought it to a friends gig to play over the PA during breaks and poor communication with the sound-man meant most of the tape was subsequently taped over.


This is one of the best things Ive listened to from the 365 days project. Thank you!


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Nice spelling, douchebag.

Moisés C.D. Marcón Rosado

I mean, what better than raw unpretentious honesty in it's most pure form --punk infancy?

not me


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