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December 31, 2007


Listener James from Westwood

Thanks to all who made the 365 Days Project possible this year. This is one helluva document. Best regards for a super-sonic 2008!


Many many Thanks for all the bizarro shares in this project thru the year! I hope we all can keep the dust out of our grooves in 2008!


What a great year you guys! Although there were times when I felt there were quantity vs. quality issues (not to mention that you had 2003's big shoes to fill), the trove of gems in this collection were well worth it. Particularly (in recent memory) I liked Nov. 10 (the "vaginer") and the Dec. 9 Cambodia Rocks comp. Thanks again.


Ditto on the above. Thanks for all the strange material, and that's ENOUGH for the time being. Now I can stop DLing from WFMU every day or two; I can head for lower Nunavut or the central highlands of Guatemala for a couple months, and not worry that I'm missing anything. Let's do this again in a few years, hey?

Louis Harrison

2003, 2007; can't wait for 365 to return in 2011! Thanks to everyone who posted material from the sublime to the banal, to Otis Fodder for coordinating the event, and to WFMU for the use of the hall.


Dave (can I call you Dave?), just wanted to clarify. Lukas posted the Cambodia Rocks comp, not 365 Days.


365 days, epic, brilliant

the scope, depth and sometimes plain uniqueness always had me coming back. thank you


my bad, S.R. Sadly in doing so I probably inadvertently pointed out the downside of 365 07, but having smoked my first cigarette of 2008, can I really complain?

Jerod Freitag

I was so sad when I downloaded the last of the mp3's from 2003, it was such an amazing array of wonderment. When you decided you were up for the challenge again I was grateful. Now, I eagerly await the next round.

Thanks so much!

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