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December 16, 2007



while i agree with some of your choices of music, the 777 Boadrum was the best concert I've ever seen. I had forgotten that Nike sorta sponsored it. I don't like Nike either, but somebody had to just do it. I don't want any DEEZ NUTTS.

Concerned Citizen

Was that a Freudian slip, doggee? Somebody had to "just do it"? Wit all-doo respect, Chet, the whole concept was moronic, sophomoric, boobonic... not to mention smug.
From Yamapooka's trite numerology jive, to the pungently "all-star" cast that ranged from the inept to the overqualified (i.e., from Allison Busch to Brian Chippendale), this was the sound of BIG MONEY, one giant, inflatable spectacle of hipster-kapitalist synergy.
Not just Nike, but Vice, American Apparel... and you!
You're right, Chit, somebody HAD to do it. For where would we be had this dreadlocked Japanese man not regaled our fair city with his giant "custom" guitars at Brooklyn Bridge this summer? I mean, a giant, outdoor drum circle in July? Somebody call the MacArthur Foundation!
It's revolutionary, it's avant-garde, and it's great for business, even better than a Bjorn Copeland Uniqlo t-shirt!
Look, Cheese, if what you want is that whole space-transcendence-magick trip, the communal experience, the whole Arthur magazine kit & caboodle, check yourself into Scratch Orchestra's "The Great Learning" and then shut da fuchup. Cornelius Cardew & Co. accomplished the stuff of Yama's wet dreams nearly forty years ago, minus the Orientalist shtick, minus the assholically long lines and $4 bottled water, minus corporate sponsorship of any kind.
Or hell, check out the revolutionary 1993 debut by NYC starsailors Cell, "Slo-Blo," on DGC -- another blow against the empire (thanks, Thurston)!

Li'l Aca Juice

Not doze nuts -- DEEZ nuts!!!


maybe so, but it sounded cool, and sometimes nothing else really matters beyond that.

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