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December 04, 2007



Thanks for another great post doron. I absolutely adore the Radiophonic Workshop's work as well. Aside from Delia's contributions, John Baker's work strikes me as some of the best the Radiophonic Workshop has to offer. If anyone enjoys classic electronics, the sort of electronic from an era when musical, autonomous, synthetic machines still sounded warm blooded, you've got to dip into this stuff. There's a painfully gorgeous, and tragically brief glimpse into Baker's here, from a BBC review of a Radiophonic release (and my favorite Delia track is highlighted there as well). I'm still digging to find more John Baker information, but haven't turned up much yet. Delia's work, fortunately, is already being re-released and widely recognized, but Baker hasn't yet re-examined. So far, all I've really turned up is this podcast of a John Baker radio program, John Baker Radiophonic London 1973 Episode. Hopefully more will come in time, I'm definitely going to be burrowing through the web until I find out what he was up to after leaving the workshop in '74.

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