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December 09, 2007



Here is a list of some of the artists/songs found on "Cambodian Rocks"

1. Cyclo by Yol Aularong
2. Chnam oun Dop-Pramp Muy “I’m 16” by Ros Sereysothea
3. Tgnai Neh Kyoum Yom Sra by Ros Sereysothea
4. Untitled Track
5. Srolaunh Srey Touch by Sinn Sisamouth
6. Jom Jongvak Twit by Pan Ron
7. Untitled Track by Pan Ron
8. Rom Sue Sue “Dance Sue Sue” by Sinn Sisamouth
9. Jum Brum Kia Thiet by Ros Sereysothea
10. Untitled Track
11. Ma Pi Naok by Sinn Sisamouth & Ros Sereysothea
12. Untitled Track
13. Untitled Track
14. Untitled Track
15. Kerh Snae Kyoum Thay by Ros Sereysothea
16. Untitled Track
17. Untitled Track
18. Untitled Track
19. Untitled Track
20. Untitled Track
21. Untitled Track
22. Untitled Track

I've visited Cambodia a number of times and have collected this type of music on their original cassette tape format. I've compiled a 'best of' compilation which, except for one track, don't seem to be available on any other compilation. You can download it here:

The Original Larry

This album is a TREASURE! I have had some tracks from it on a homemade CD that was made for me a few years ago and I have been fascinated by this music ever since. But more importantly, I would love to hear the stories of these artists, if anyone who survived that holocaust who knew these artists could tell us more about them, it would do much to help bridge the gaps and possibly put faces and names to these songs and give them the recognition they deserve.

Before the Khmer Rogue, Cambodia was far ahead of most other Asian countries in Western influenced pop music and culture.

But during the Khmer Rogue regime, hundreds of thousands were slaughtered for even the mere ACCUSATION of having any Western influence WHATSOEVER (be it looks, possessions, music, anything at all.) Like the Jews of Hitler's Germany, no words could possibly explain the hell they went through.

And considering every item, book, photo, record and tape from the West or had any real or percieved Western influence that the Khmer Rouge could find in Cambodia at that time was destroyed en masse, the very fact these tapes survived at all so we could hear them today is a miracle. And through the internet, I can only hope interest in this music will grow.

Thank you WFMU for helping share this music with the world. Because the world needs to hear it. It's the very best way we could show we have not forgotten the people who made it and that in the final words of that bloody history, THEY won.

The Original Larry

THANK YOU GILES! I did some research of my own overnight and was able to find entries in Wikipedia for Ros Sereysothea and Sinn Sisamouth:

It was very hard to read these and know what happened to them. I actually cried when I read about their fates.

But at least we've identified a few of them. This may be a work that will take decades to finally know who the unknown singers were and their life stories, if ever. But I'm just glad we're able only recently to start putting together some of the pieces and give their memories some tiny bit of justice after all these years. It's rock-n-roll's most tragic mystery.

Is "Don't Think I've Forgotten" available on DVD?

Again, thank you!

Chris R.

I seriously doubt that the songs weren't identified, and they were anything but obscure - these were the top recording artists in the country! I suspect what happened is that Wheeler never got anything translated.

I've also been to Cambodia & have bought many comps, which are now widely available on CD. I buy them in Cambodian neighborhoods here in Philadelphia too, usually for $5 or less. If you take the time to talk with any age-appropriate shop owners they're more than happy to tell you who the singers are & even translate some lyrics for you.


Thanks a lot for the track info, Giles! And Larry, I thought that the documentary was already finished, but apparently it is still in post-production, according to their website. All information added to the original post.


Greg Cahill recently released a short film called "The Golden Voice," a dramatization of what was most likely the fate of Ros Serey Sothea after she was sent to the camps. Look for the full-length feature when it comes out, too. The DVD is already available for purchase.

Thank you for making this CD available for download! I've been trying to find it forever!




um, why is my comment being flagged as spam?


I have been looking for this one for a while. Thanks!


If you liked the material on the Cambodian Rocks discs, check out the Cambodian Psych-Out LP released a year or so ago.

It features Sinn Sisamouth (who was featured extensively on the 4 CR discs) and Srei Sothear. Similar unbelievable, mutant psych/beat/pop.


read amazon review of cambodia rocks ( where author states that much of the album is over-dubbed with "modern sounds". would be a shame if true. any thoughts, comments.

Brendan Boyle

There is a one-man operation out of the Bay Area that releases the new "Cambodian Rocks" compilations on the label KhmerRocks- All these volumes have artist and track info, as well as translated lyrics. The sound quality is surprisingly not as good as the "bootleg" Cambodian Rocks CD, but it's still very worth seeking out. - Brendan at KDVS


hey guy dont forget ! you can ask at the king father of cambodgia ! he wath the king but a singer a composer and a movie maker to !and his son wath a dance teatcher (and king of cambodgia now !)

Eric S

Per a comment on Amazon: "Those are overdubs, yes. But they have nothing to do with the compiler. In Cambodia, it is not only commonplace but absolutely expected for all `classics' to be overdubbed or remixed with newer sounds. The likelihood of finding original versions of these songs is pretty low."

Ian-Black Lips

I need this Compilation. I have been looking for it ever since it came out. How can I download this? I'm sure yall know it's out of print!!

Pyro Tech

This is going to be a long post. I apologize.
Thanks for the startup Giles! Thumbs up. Here's the title and artist to the missing track and minor corrections.

01. Jeas Cyclo / Ride Cyclo [Yol Aularong]
02. Chnam Oun Dop-PramMuy / I'm 16 [Ros Sereysothea]
03. Tngai Neas Kyom Yam Sra / Today I Drink Wine [Ros Sereysothea]
04. Sou Slarp Kroam Kombut Srey - Rather Die Under the Woman's Sword [Somnang + Tuk]
05. Srolanh Srey Touch / I Love Petite Girl [Sin Sissamouth]
06. Rom Jongvak Twist / Dance Twist [Pan Ron]
07. Knyom Mun Sok Jet Te / I'm Unsatisfied [Pan Ron]
08. Rom Sue Sue / Dance Soul Soul [Liev Tuk]
09. Jam 5 Kai Thiet / Wait 5 More Months [Ros Sereysothea]
10. Jah Bong Ju Aim / Old Sour & Sweet [Ros Sereysothea] common title: Krav Pe Bong... Oun /Besides You... I.
11. Maok Pi Naok / From Where [Samouth + Sothea + Pen Ron + Dara Jamchan] [composer:Voy Ho]
12. Phneit Oun Mean Evey / What Your Eyes Has? [Sin Sissamouth]
13. Yuvajon Kouge Jet / Broken Heart Man [Yol Aularong]
14. Jol Dondeung Kone Key / Going to Get Engage [Meas Samon] [Composer: Mai Bun]
16. Chnang Jas Bai Chgn-ainj / Old Pot, Tasty Rice [Ros Sereysothea]
17. Kone Oksok Nas Pa / We're very Bored Dad! [Ros sereysothea + Dara JamChan][composer:Voy Ho]
18. Kom Kung Twer Evey / Don't Be Mad - [Ros Sereysothea]
19. Penh Jet Thai Bong Mouy / I Like Only You [Ros Sereysothea]
20. Sralanh Srey [Chnas/ I love mean girl [In Yeng + Pen Ron]
21. Komlos Teng Bey / Three Gentlemen [Sin Sissamouth- Meas Samon ][composer:Voy Ho]
22. Retrey Yung Joup Knea / The Night We Met [Ros Sereysothea]

Track 08 is sang by Liev Tuk. The hint is that voice is coarse and scream wildly. heheh. Liev Tuk sang a couple of songs. Some sites post the wrong singers. The title I try to put it to close translation and how I would pronounce it.

Side Info: These songs are from late 60's early 70's. The Khmer Rouge banned movies and all these music during Regime and replace songs that relates to [going to battle, encouragement of slaying enemies]. It makes me sad that many lives were taken during the time and what the older generation has gone through.

>CD. This CD has additional instrument, I can recall that it is remixed around the early 90's. The remix company are Sayonara Sound Production and Chlangden Production. The tracks is not in the original state. But yeah we can't blame the compiler. Gotta thank him for appreciating these classics and want to expose it oversea. I would prefer the Original Masters. Especially no alterations. Not many people like remix because of many reasons. It overrides the original instrument, the worse is that it covers the voice because the additional instruments is too loud. I do not think there's anymore company remixing classics besides "SR". Many classics compilation I come across are reused and reproduced from remixing companies.

The most clear & original quality production that used to sell in the US is, Chanchaya Cassettes, Sem Sovanndeth's Original Master CD, Best of Golden Butterfly CD + cassettes. What's best about it is that majority has clear quality and unmixed. If you are lucky you can find it, those CD best selling period were around 1993 - 99, nowadays it's rare. I regret for not collecting. >.


for mainstream classics download you can try
there's R. Sothea + S. Samouth + P. Ron.

I'm just a Khmer guy that likes the classics. Hope this helps. Right now enjoying the CD. Thank you for the songs!


Pyro Tech

Oops...I didn't edit my post..
04 is by Yol Alaorang + Tuk
09 Jam 10 Kia Tiet / Wait Ten More Months
17 is by Ros Sereysothea + Seang Vanthy


Thanks a lot, Pyro Tech! I added your info to the post, just a few questions: Do you have an English translation for the title of track 15? What does "What your eyes has?" mean, I can't quite make sense of it? And the titles "I love petite/mean girl", do they mean "I love a petite/mean girl" or "I love petite/mean girls"? Anyway, great work identifying all those songs!


One more question: I can't seem to find anything at all on Liev Tuk. Could the standard spelling in English be different? Or do you have a link to a website which mentions him?

Pyro Tech

Thanks and glad to help. Yikes...I cause a grand mess on your tracklist. I decided to minus the composer to lessen the confusion. I should of revised my post. Here is the revised CD Tracks in your format.

01.(Yol Aularong - Jeas Cyclo "Ride Cyclo")

02.(Ros Sereysothea - Chnam Oun Dop-PramMuy "I'm 16")

03.(Ros Sereysothea - Tngai Neas Kyom Yam Sra "Today I Drink Wine")

04.(Yol Aularong + Tuk - Sou Slarp Kroam Kombut Srey "Rather Die Under the Woman's Sword")

05.(Sinn Sissamouth - Srolanh Srey Touch "I Love Petite Woman")

06.(Pan Ron - Rom Jongvak Twist "Dance Twist")

07.(Pan Ron - Knyom Mun Sok Jet Te "I'm Unsatisfied")

08.(Liev Tuk - Rom Sue! Sue! "Dance Soul! Soul!")

09.(Ros Sereysothea - Jam 10 Kai Thiet "Wait 10 More Months")

10.(Ros Sereysothea - Jah Bong Ju Aim "Old Sour & Sweet")

11.(Samouth + Sothea + Ron) Maok Pi NaokWhere From?

12. (Sin Sissamouth - Phneit Oun Mean Evey? "What Does Your Eyes Has?")

13. (Yol Aularong - Yuvajon Kouge Jet "Broken Heart Man")

14. (Meas Samon - Jol Dondeung Kone Key "Going to Get Engage")

15. (Ros Sereysothea - Kerh Songsa Kyoum Thay? "Have You Seen My Boyfriend?")

16. (Ros Sereysothea - Chnang Jas Bai Chgn-ainj "Old Pot, Tasty Rice")

17. (Ros Sereysothea + Seang Vanthy - Kone Oksok Nas Pa "We're Very Bored Dad!")

18. (Ros Sereysothea - Kom Kung Twer Evey "Don't Be Mad")

19. (Ros Sereysothea - Penh Jet Thai Bong Mouy "I Like Only You")

20. (In Yeng + Pan Ron - Sralanh Srey Chnas "I Love Mean Girl")

21. (Samouth + Meas Samon - Komlos Teng Bey "Three Gentlemen")

22. (Ros Sereysothea - Retrey Yung Joup Knea "The Night We Met")

*Track 12. "What Does Your Eyes Have?" The song is describing the eyes of that woman is like diamond, and he is questioning why is affecting him in a mesmerizing way. I translated the title word for word, I get why it doesn't make sense...Sorry, I don't have the translated lyrics.

*Track 05. Srey Touch = petite woman: slim small figure, not the same as Track 20.Srey Chnas = mean woman.

*Track 15. Kerh Songsa Kyoum Thay? = Have You Seen My Boyfriend?

*Sorry I do not have any information on Liev Tuk. He has only a couple of songs as I know of. I remember his name was spelled in Cambodian on [KRP Original Master CD13] that way. A picture of him with a U87 is shown on the tear cover, sadly I lost it a long time ago. On spell his name as Leing Thet.

Sorry for all the confusion @_@
-Pyro Tech


thanks for this great post. the information about the artists is too appreciated! so hard to find. cheers


I feel empathy not only for Pan Ron, Sin Sisamouth and Ros Sereysothea who vanished during the Khmer Rouge reign of terror in Cambodia, but also for this particular region of Asia, which was cursed for good quarter of century starting with the Vietnam War. I detest the political games played by superpowers, that make smaller countries pawns in their games.I remixed two songs by Pan Ron as a tribute to her and her friends( It is also a symbolic sign, that despite 35 years of time passed, 20 000 miles distance, and the cultural divide, their music is still alive in the hearts of people who care.


You are a genius for posting this! Thank you.


I was wondering where i could download or purchase this cd. My mom was living in cambodia during this time and fled when the khmer rouge invaded. It would be a wonderful mothers day gift for her.

Angela Savage

Great blog - thanks so much for uploading the tracks. It meant I could link them to song titles mentioned blog post written by my partner, giving readers of our blog the chance to listen to the music. FYI, Andrew's post is here:

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