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December 09, 2007



this music is amazing! i'm a fan of dengue fever, which opened my eyes to the music scene in cambodia in the 60's. i just spent 1 week in cambodia on my recent vacation and picked up a stack of compilations. it is my new and favorite obsession to hear more of this music, learn about the musicians, and what was going on in cambodia at the time, and the tragic end that many of these artists met. thank you so much for making this available! cambodia is an amazing country and i hope to return someday.


I've been working on translating many of my Cambodian favorite Oldies songs . Just type samouth, samuth, or sothea for your search on Youtube and you'll likely to find my work. The translation is kind of unpolished, but the bits and clues it provides might help the listen make out what the song is about.

If you can't find it, try samouth and house of the rising sun for the search on Youtube. Enjoy.


Wow, this is awesome! I first came across Cambodian Rock on The Intercontinental, a show on WMBR (definitely recommended: http://www.wmbr.org/www/sched-wed#intercon). Today they played "Dengue Fever" on the radio and now I really wanted to get more of this!

I also added the track list to CDDB so instead of spår 1, spår 2 you can now get the correct tags automatically.


This is great stuff! I'm currently living in Saigon, Vietnam, and I've been scouring the markets for similar tapes. Does anyone out there have any info on Vietnamese garage/psych from the same era?


i have downloaded music from this site cambodiamusic.org where do i go to listen to it.

Rom Sue! Sue!

I have been looking at eBay,record dealer lists,and before that Goldmine for over thirty years,and I have never seen any of the original vinyl issues of Cambodian rock at any price.I have a few 60s rock records from Thailand and Burma,but none from Cambodia. What happened to these records ? Did any make it out of the country to other countries in Asia?Were they all destroyed by the Khmer Rouge ? Has anybody seen any?


Check out http://www.aquariusrecords.org . This site has good info. on a lot of underground music. If you type "Cambodian" for your search, you'll see a few Cambodian music collections there.

One time I listened to a short clip version of "Rider in the Storm" by the Door there.


Whoa..."Old Pot, Tasty Rice" turns out to be the source of Plastic Little's underground rap hit "Crambodia". Shouldn't be a surprise, given the name of the song, but wow, now I know!

Z. G. Plimyofn

Do you have a listing of the composers of all the tracks on Cambodia Rocks? I'm glad to have the list of singers/artists on the tracks that you provided above, but now I would like to have a list of the song's composers.




thanks for posting those nice songs. the sound is well preserved. just want to point out that the title for track 9 should read "jam 10 kai thiet (wait 10 more months)".


As an update, the website for the documentary "Don't Think I've Forgotten" is now located at www.cambodianrock.com, and the film is currently in post-production.


how can we download this righteous comp? put it on itunes and i'll pay for it.


right click and save as...


Thanks for this.
As enjoyable as this album is, though, I think it cannot be stressed enough that these are, in fact, REMIXES of the ORIGINAL recordings, with additional overdubs added.
Still REALLY fun, regardless.

Say Mwa

Thanks for the downloads. Sounds interesting. Got the tip from Ry Cooder "I got a record of some Cambodian rock guys doing this weird surf music, probably during the Cambodian war. It's called Cambodia Rocks. Listen to that. Now that's world music. That shit is so wicked it'll take your face off."

peter fraser

how can I download Cambodian Rocks?

peter fraser

how can I download the Cambodian Rocks tracks?

Curran Son

Does anyone have the Khmer collections: Wat Phnom or The Best of the Golden Butterfly? If so please tell me!

mr helper

to peter fraser just right click on the link(track)and select save as...

Jean-Sien Kin

Hey amazing collection! thank you so much for sharing! the songs have been remastered, right? really good work!


Hey, thanks for all the good music.
Greetings from Germany


Thanks so much for the fantastic music!

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