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December 27, 2007



Excellent list--a couple things on there I need to check out now.

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Moussa Doumbia probably arrived in Abidjan circa 1974. He played live music at his residency in a fancy nightclub owned by a French man, the Boule Noire, in a trading cosmopolitan neighbourhood called Teichville. Armchairs, imported drinks & spotlights were fair enough to turn the Boule Noire into a central spot for the dancefloor funk amateurs. Office & business employees would get to Treich at the end of the day to have a beer in one of the numerous maquis (cheaper, local food, usually open air, restaurants) or a lebanese chawarma. They would melt with the heterogeneous population there, mostly West African & Lebanese businessmen & their employees. But only the richest of them would afford the Boule Noire during the whole week, while most of them would wait until Saturday night to go to the local ball. Treich also was an important crossroads for the local music industry and concentrated most of the important producers & record retailers. Lido Musique, Sacodis, Saffiedine, the pioneers were there when records were a more affordable leisure than others to the poorer ones.



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