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December 18, 2007



Armstrong would be spinning in his grave if he were to hear how his
FM "hi-fidelity" invention was being used to broadcast the crap that passes for music today! In stereo no less!

Dale Hazelton

People today don't realize how highly regarded the field of wireless was back in the day, especially after the proof of its' effectiveness in saving lives (Titanic). I'll raise a toast to the regenerative circuit during tonights cocktail hour, and put the Burns documentary on my Blockbuster queue as well. Thanks for the post!


edwin armstrong and nikola tesla: same story, different names.


Radio today is such vile garbage, yes there are a few civilized programs, but it's mostly boom boom boom pounding and teenagers speaking with phony southern accents and with every third word umm, yeah,like, man and y'know. Poor Mr. Armstrong, all for nothing.

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