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December 23, 2007



Toychestra with Fred Frith: Grover Rides A Happy Honker

Holland Oats

the pixies


the guitar sounds like snakefinger. but maybe it's one his many collaborative efforts?


Gracenote says it is three elephants and a cow by Toychestra And Fred Frith off of the 2004 album BigToys.

Checking WFMU playlists,, Gracenote is is correct except for the album name.

I can't take credit for this though since I cheated and Blondor was close enough.

I think you need a more obscure song that isn't in Gracenote.


Ah, well. I guessed, and wrong. I also thought it was Snakefinger at first, until my lovely lady recognized the sounds of the toys being played.
I should disclaim that said lady was the founding member of Toychestra, though she was not involved in recording "What Leave Behind?" with Mr. Frith. The remaining members of Toychestra have not been exactly pleasant since my wife parted their company, so we've never received or heard a copy of that album or the one since.


OK, Blondor and MrDork, you both win. And thanks for telling me about Gracenote MusicID, I didn't know about it. I promise that it'll be harder next week.


The Pixies! Hahahahahahaha
Best comment ever.

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