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December 15, 2007


Adam Gott

Looks like I need to get out a little more, I have heard of none of these bands - except for the Romantics and that really doesn't count now does it?

Oh, and Panda Bear - that is a good album.


Saw Monotonix a few months ago @ this place called Bottletree in Birmingham, AL. The dude stole many beers right out of people's hands and instead of the kick drum, the drummer was wheeled around on a handtruck and made to play. There was also some pretty schweet singing into a light hanging over the bar and garbage strewn everywhere. One of the best shows I've ever seen.


Wow Liz. This is a great list. When it's 2018 I'll Google "liz 2007" and be happy again that you did this


After your creative avoidance of 2006, I'm happy to have the real deal this year!


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