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December 03, 2007



To clarify: It's Andrew Klimeyk on bass and Paul Morotta on guitar!

Brian Turner

Whoop, sorry, and I also should have credited Jim Ellis as a member.


aww ex-friend?
meth is good you should try it.
they never mention when you come back UP the meth hole.
Maskull lives in Burbank; has his own house...or did.

A Sad Skinhead

X Blank X was John Morton and Andrew Klimek on guitars and vocals, Jim Ellis,
publisher of "CLE" magazine, on bass, and Anton Fier on drums. The original
drummer was Mike Weldon, formerly of Mirrors, and the writer/editor/publisher
of "Psychotronic" magazine (and books and calendars). Danny Foland also
played drums for a spell (he played with the electric eels in Columbus).
There were two other fill-in drummers who played with the band while Anton
was studying music in upstate New York. Dave E. of the electric eels sang
with the band for two or three practices. I think about this as I lie on the ceiling...


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....also should have credited Jim Ellis as a member


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