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December 12, 2007



As far as I know there were at least two other Star Trek themed bands.
The Vulcaneers, a poor imitation of Thee Shatners but worth checking out. Mike Lucas of Phantom Surfers/Knights of the New Crusade fame produced their amusingly titled LP "Beat me off, Scotty."
No Kill I, who are apparently still going, are a Star Trek punk rock band with some pretty funny costumes.
Thee Shatners were an alternate incarnation of the Ne'er Do Wells/High Fives and that track featured above is a reworded version of The Mummies "Stronger than dirt."

Kip W

This guy really knows how to defeat the point, doesn't he? I do a better version of the NBC Mystery Movie theme on two tiny Radio Shack Concertmate keyboards.


Clint, that's the second cock shot post this month. And it gets more excruciating each time... Shatner? SHATNER!?! Damn, he's got man titties. I did not need to know that.

I can remember only one musically great moment from Star Trek proper. The Enterprise interdicts the Jefferson Starship and Spock jams with some space hippy who in fact does look a bit like Jourma Kaukonen but with silly putty ears. "Headin' out for Eden, hey Brother!"


It seems the second Los Matematicos tune is on the wrong speed...


I've heard about a klingon death metal band from Portland


How could anyone NOT associate early Bob Seger with raw rock and roll (or even high-octane suburban soul) unless they were unfamiliar with the early Seger singles? Unfortunately, the majority of that stuff is not officially in print anymore, though it would be a stunning surprise to anyone who just knows his later-period folky ballads.

M. Matlock

You can watch Athletico Spizz 80 perform "Where's Captain Kirk?" at the Lyceum in the phenomenal 1980 concert film Urgh! A Music War.


That Los Matematico's song sounds like a Spanish version of "Ring Dang Doo" by Sam The Sham.


If you never expected an early Seger song to rock out, then you've only heard his post-'72ish material. He was one of the reasons 1960s garage punk from MI is superior to any other region anywhere during that prime period. "East Side Story" is a great song, but I love the Seger original.

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