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December 19, 2007



Those Melissa Joan Hart sag-blinking eyes... that deranged siren... those horrible singing kids... Thanks for sharing. I think I know who will be breaking into my room during nightmares from now on.

John Trembly

How is a rabbit with feet and hands like that able to work the pedals on a frickin' Model T?!?!?!

I think the bunny suit is filled with ice cream.

Is there another 10 minutes somewhere with tom & huck, the gorrila and thumbelina?

I need it bad.

Kip W

Goodbye, children! You have to have faith! Good luck getting home! Eat the dog first!


reminds me of Two-Lane Blacktop


Amazing! Must own copy. Must show at all family holiday get-togethers in a double bill with God Monster of Indian Flats. Must go lie down.


So let me get this straight...Santa's passed out at the beach. Along comes the freakin' Easter, ice cream...whatever bunny, with the siren blaring.(At this point we're hoping they're coming to take drunkin' Santa away). The kids are all singing happily while Santa and the bunny take off together leaving the kids and the dog on a deserted beach to find their own way home.....??!!! Great story! Zzzzzzzzz....


Wow...that was positively surreal. The sloooowwww rescue and mournful siren was like death coming to take you in the night. Good, old-fashioned, nightmare fuel.


I am in awe, stunned. This makes "Plan 9" look polished, professional, normal, even prosaic! I get the feeling of Fellini on heroin.
It's absolutely surreal - it might even be profound! I must acquire this horrific work of art...


I kept waiting for the weird rites on the beach, or the orgy, or the UFOs, or at least for the dog to piss on the spokes. Maybe that's all off-camera? A remix is called for, incorporating these and all other missing elements. And don't forget the Japanese subtitles.

Sean Daily

It would've been better if it was Santa VERSUS the Ice Cream Bunny...

A guy in a rubber bunny suit slugging it out with a drunk shopping mall Santa in HO-scale Tokyo...

A little kid going, "Go Santa! Use Giant Santa Punch!"...

A really cheesy paean to Santa Claus during the fight scenes: "SANTU CURAUSU! SANTU CURAUSU!"...

That would rock. So. Hard.


That agonizing, horrible, siren! Its effect on the imagery is positively nauseating, but in a good David-Lynchian way. If fact, the Ice Cream bunny kept reminding me of the giant-cheek girl in Eraserhead. Thus:

Listener Kliph

I am surprised that I can not find the classic Mexican Christmas dementia "Santa Claus" anywhere on the net for viewing. Can you upload it Clinton?


Oh! So Clint! Did you manage to find a copy again? I can't recall if I'd mentioned it to you, but I have it again.. this time the whole thing... ON DVD. Yes, in sparkling digital quality.

If you've a solid address, hit me up on LiveJournal or MySpace and I can see about burning a copy and sending it your way.

Resident Clinton

Kliph, the Mexican "Santa Claus" is indeed a classic. I will certainly get some of that up somewhere. However, if you can't wait for my lazy, slowness, you can find it on DVD in the cheapo Walgreens bins and dollar stores everywhere!

Dieter v. Ant

What was in that ice cream!?!?
This must be the epitome of the oximoronic beauty that is pot-headed creativity – meaning the slightly, just sliiiightly contradictory and utterly surreal process of something wonderfully deranged and unfathomably unfathomable being created while in that state of racing mind where you would really be unable actually to DO anything else than sitting on the ground or couch mumbling a string of utterances like "dude", "man", "woa" and "woa dude/man".
Cuz obviously everyone involved in the making of this movie – that's EVERYONE in the whole process, from the embryo of the idea and the writing of the script (if there was one) to the cutting and the distribution (if there was one) – even (or especially) the singing kids, must have been stoned out of their freakin' skulls.
But in some inexplicable way it got made.
It's hilarious! It's huge! It's wonderful! It's mindbogglingly terrifying and breathtakingly beautiful! I'm enthralled and horrified. I'm at a loss for words (yet strangely able to concoct a whole bunch of them). And I'm not even stoned (but by the drug that is the Ice Cream Bunny).
Yes, oh Jesus yes – Christmas finally has a meaning!

Vic Arpegggio

Wow. Just jaw-dropping. And what's with the horrible rabid pit bull?

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