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December 09, 2007



Excellent post, but it was Milton Caniff's TERRY & THE PIRATES that had a radio show, not CANYON.

Listener Kliph

Yes, but it just wouldn't be a Listener Kliph post without a factual error each week. Thanks for the correction.

Joe Holmes

I remember the Crusader Rabbit TV episodes vividly, except I completely forgot what an ugly character he was! Don't know anything about the radio show, though...


I operate a Part 15(unlicensed, neighborhood-coverage)radio station in the midwest; and a few nights a week I air some mp3s of OTR made from the original recordings - unedited, no Stan Freberg(as host,anyway), and even the original commercials.

Kip W

Speaking of Crusader, what was the reason for the mysterious photo that ran here a week or two back with a studio full of people wearing Crusader Rabbit masks? Something to do with the radio show, was it just Wednesday, or what?

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