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December 13, 2007



That movie could have been great if they had only stuck to the novel and kept in the 60s.

Bill the Splut

Re the Mothman: It could've been hysteria and a barn owl. Makes sense in an Occam's-Razorish way.


I was 7 years old when the silver bridge fell into the ohio river, why I remember it so well is the year before it fell my grandpa took me across it to see a dr. and I do belive I have one other silver bridge song that you dont' have it was sent to me several years ago and dont know he true title or singer of the song but I think it's def. not one of what you have.

Sandra Ward

I was six when we went cross the bridge we was going back to col ohio we came in to vist family when we got home mine dad turn the tv on and there it was the break news about the bridge it was so hard to belive we just cross it i rember so well i felt so sorry for those people it was a bad thing to happen sandy

i  Deanna Morton

I to along with my husband,broter-n-law, and two sons just came across the silver bridge about thirty-five minutes from PT.Plesant W.VA. after visiting relatives there before the collapse of the bridge. We crossed over into ohio on our way back to our home town of Indiana, only to arrive home and turn the Tv and learn of the tragedy that we came so close to being victims of too. needless to say I to was in shock over this disaster, and still to this day I get goose bumps when I think of how very close we to came to becoming victims of the silver bridge tragedy, and have never forgotten the ones who was'nt so lucky that horriable,terriable day.


i am looking for the song about the silver bridge. my best friend's mother was on the bridge. his mother went down with the bridge. i would love to know who sing the sings about the or that bridge song. ty al verry much

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