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December 02, 2007


John Trembly

The Smothers' first tv show was actually rerun on Nick at Nite in the late 80s/early 90s. I only remember the episode where Dick was wearing a Beatles wig and being attacked by teenage girls.


Dang. I was going to mention the first Smothers' show being rerun on Nick at Night, but John beat me to it. I remember NaN did not rerun it for very long.

Listener James from Westwood

Several New Year's Eves ago, one of the cable channels (TBS or TNT) ran a "Banana Splits Meltdown," during which they broadcast, well, quite possibly all of the available episodes. I and my friends had not seen these for nigh on 25 years at that point. It was horrifying yet riveting. One pal of mine got so absorbed in nostalgia and Fleagle-getting-the-mail gags that he forgot to call his girlfriend to make sure that she got home safely that night, thus incurring her wrath. ("Bu-bu-bu-but the Banana Splits Meltdown!" he later reported sputtering.) I staggered home hours later, unable to think of anything but the theme song and the odd ape-boy Chongo's yak-yak-yaking noises during the in-show episodes of "Danger Island" (which to our shock were directed by Richard Donner).

where'd you download all those banana splits episodes!

Listener Kliph

Michael Powers

I'm intrigued by Carlin's 90s sitcom, which I recall as being rather bizarrely off-kilter (just a little) for mainstream tastes, which is doubtless why it didn't last. (For example, I remember a normal-looking supporting character with a raging crush on a fat girl, and some people I knew at the time simply couldn't abide the sight of that.) I'd like to have another look at that show today; from what I remember, it's extremely high-quality. I wonder if it's in the archives at the Museum of Television and Radio. Doubt we'll see that one on any of those garbage-recycling cable channels any time soon, although I could be quite wrong (I threw out my TV about three years ago, so I'm blissfully unaware of what they're up to these days).

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