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December 19, 2007


rafael gomez

sur 13 controla y rifa k no!!

Zach in Philly

Tom Petty would well hidden in that bus!
What a brilliant romp. "Quasar," "Crystals," and the last song are my faves from the set. "... indelible pop masterpieces buried amidst assorted DIY sonic trainwrecks" summarizes the sound nicely. Those are some amazingly well rehearsed trainwrecks, though. I hate to imagine a day job -- like one in which they might actually sell Tom Petty -- distracting these artists from their distorted yet delicate material. They make me curious to become acquainted with the Swell Maps and Times New Viking. It's a spotlight well worth my time, as usual. Thanks, Brian!


beautiful... I forget where I first heard them, but damn, do they sound splendid here.

The dude rockin out in the lil video and occasionally playing drums is Mr Ryan Jewell, amazing avant solo percussionist and all-around sweetheart of a guy.

His myspace is here

Brian Turner

We're thrilled to have PH on our WFMU SXSW bill on March 14th and Spiro's. If you're in Austin, please come down. 13 more bands too.

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