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December 16, 2007



Who knew that Chrissy's real name was Christmas? Christmas Snow!


Here's a little xmas cheer from What's My Line:

The same subscriber has some episodes of the Name's the Same featuring the marvelous Arnold Stang...


I watched The Monkees' Xmas episode on Xmas day and was blown away. I liked it when Mike Nesmith told the kid that he didn't have to leave but he didn't have to stay, either. I really liked how the kid (Butch Patrick) and his aunt both admitted they missed each other but were too scared to say so. And that a cappella performance of "Riu Chiu!" Every time Micky takes a solo, you can see the other guys' genuine reaction. And then they cap it off perfectly by introducing the entire production staff, and half of them give peace signs on camera. It made my day, it made me cry. I was hoping it wouldn't end, but I was OK with it, too.

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