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December 29, 2007



"8. Black Figure Audio Vol. 1: Amphorae (Ancient Audio, 2007)"

Hoax for a April Fools Day.

I was taken for a while too until I researched it some more.

Kenzo ( /

D.J.: Read the post's title!
Henry: Great as always.

Mr Fab

Re: #1

Live mashup bands have actually been around for a while. See San Francisco's excellent Smash-Up Derby, and I believe DJ Zebra in Paris, France has a live band too.

Would love to hear # 5, tho...


It's the perfect abstract template for an FMU post. Bravo Ham!

BTW, what's KenzoDBification?


[[The 6th Annual Car Alarm Fest, Crown Heights Brooklyn
The Car Alarm fest is a new tradition, this year concentrating on synchronization and phasing effects of alarms. ]]

Alternate title: Any City Nabe on a Saturday Night.


Reading is only the first step in understanding.

Kenzo ( /

K: All I can tell you is that you'll know it when it's happened to you.

brooke thom

nice man!!
car alarm

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