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January 01, 2008



The 2007 version of 365 Days was wonderful. A thousand thanks to WFMU for providing it. Who knows -- maybe someone will revive the idea in an upcoming annum.

Michel LeGrisbi

Thank You Otis!

Adam Gott

Does that mean no 365 days in 2008? What are we to do?


Man, what a year! I am pleased to be one of what will surely be many folks posting comments praising the series and its curators. No doubt people will be reminiscing about favorites, and mine include JC Penney's "Buh-hay-bee Doll", "Me and Bela Lugosi" from the Ed Wood series, "Kosher Club", the Jerry Colanna post, the "Teddy Bear" post - oh hell, if I keep going, I'll be here all day. Happy 2008 to everyone involved and thanks several million.


A HUGE BRAVO AND A BIG THANK YOU for all the goodies you've been sharing here ... i will certainly not be doing this today ( if i didn't find you. You really opened my eyes, my ears and my life.
Thanks a lot to Otis Fodder and all his fellow contributors.
Happy 2008 ! Long live WFMU and the 365days project. Please keep the good work going on.


I was a late coming to this blog (early December) and was amazed at the amount of work put in.

Great work... and hope you'll do it again some year. :)


Thank you. It must have taken an incredible amount of work and dedication to carry this out. I for one will miss the daily surprises.

Station Manager Ken

Otis and his crew of 365 Days bloggers have set a new standard for curatorial creativity and professionalism and I can't thank them enough. We'll continue to hear from a few of the 365 Day contributors in the coming year, although not on a daily basis. Otis' ability to get a daily post up without fail for an entire year amazes me, and I'm incredibly grateful to him and in awe of him for his abilities. After Otis has a rest, puts out another album or two, we'll hear from him again here as well. I expect we will see a lot of the WFMU staff, myself included, picking up the extraordinary slack on BOTB left by the end of 365 Days, 2007.


I really enjoyed the first edition of 365days and I was not disappointed with the second one. It was a great pleasure to hear and read about all those findings, although I am not a native english speaker. Can't wait for new posts in coming year!


Huge thanks for completing this monumental task!
This will serve as a treasure trove of samples for me in the future.


Man, I hope there's a 2008 edition... I discovered so much amazing music this year from 365. Kay Martin, Joah Valley, Johnny Legend, Valjean, and on and on and on...

Gilbert Neal

Who's the swinger with the yakety-yak talk?


thanks otis, it was great fun...hope we can do this again!


Thanks so much! I haven't finished listening carefully to everything from 2007's 365 Days but I don't want it to ever end.

Michel LeGrisbi

Thanks Otis, Happy to be part of it!

Corey K.

I'm so glad I was able to participate after having been a fan of the Project for a while, and I hope people enjoyed my entries!

Hello, 2008... it's time for a Fresh Start!

Liam Baldwin

Encore! Encore!


As everyone else said, thank you, thank you, thank you! There were countless gems posted all year long, your work was/is greatly appreciated.

Derek Gerry

Thanks so much to all the contributors, to Otis for his tireless hard work, and to WFMU for giving us a place to do this. I'm going to go Salambo now.


Thanks for all the fine stuff you posted! Hope you'll try it again before long!

Sammy Reed

I am saddened by the apparent non-continuation of the project. On my website, I put in links to my "365 Days" contributions. Here's hoping this starts up again sometime soon. Thanks for these opportunities to share some of the strange recordings in my collection.

Editor B

A truly impressive sustained effort, and a plethora of mind-expanding brain-breaking audio treats. I've obsessively downloaded them all. Thank you.


That was great. I hope we don't have to wait until 2011 for the next one.

Andrew Lindeman

I know I came in way late, but I just found this project. I followed the original every day.

I was wondering if there was a torrent somewhere of the entire project. It'd be a much easier way for me to grab everything at once. I'm looking forward to pouring over this in the near future.


Did anyone collate and make into a torrent?

I'd love to hear the 2007 (loved the 2003) but downloading all tracks individually will be a pain in the arse!


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