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January 11, 2008



Cool idea! I prefer my art free, but $20 ain't bad.


tiny showcase has been doing this since 2005 with a wide array of artists-


20x200 owes a big debt to Tiny Showcase. Details here:

If you're into the Tiny art you gotta jump on that shit, because it sells out faaaaast.

Get on the email list for both so you get the heads up. Once I waited to buy something on Jen's site, and by the time I got back to it a couple hours later, those bastards at Boing Boing had picked it up and it was gone forever. Not letting that happen again.


I heard jen bekman talk about 20x200. She definately credits Tiny Showcase as inspiration. They show very different kinds of work though. Tiny showcase tends towards illustrators and graphic designers and 20x200 focuses on photography and art...

Both are super projects and I subscribe to both newsletters.... as the person above mentioned. Tiny Showcase sells out fast so you have to be quick on the draw if you like something.


also check out
They have great original paintings and drawings for $99.

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