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January 30, 2008


Daniel FR

Do you have more mp3s of Reverend Fred Lane and his Hittite Hotshots or do you know where lo can get some?

David Meltsner

What about Marianne Faithfull's excellent version of Shel Silverstein's "Ballad Of Lucy Jordan?" It has to be one of the finest examples of Middle America Meltdowns ever put to music.

Universal Panzie

Personality Crisis - New York Dolls.
My Dark Ages - Pere Ubu.
Ain't It Fun, Life Stinks,Final Solution
& Never Gonna' Kill Myself Again - Rocket From The Tombs.
Death Trip & Open Up And Bleed - The Stooges.

Just about anything by Lou Reed - Rock Minuet, being a total classic - check out the version on the Live At Montreux DVD


This compilation is absolutely blissful. There are a lot of choices, but these tracks flow very well together and are not excessively quirky; only in a complimentary way.

Editor B

The Marijata track is listed on this page as "No Condition Is Permanent." But the MP3 is tagged as "The Condition Is Permanent." So... which is correct? Obsessive-compulsive minds want to know. It's a pretty big difference in diagnosis.


The Marijata track, above, is correctly labeled "No Condition Is Permanent." The tag for the MP3 is incorrectly labeled "The Condition Is Permanent."

Sister Hairy Hymen

Damn fine website, and blogs and music you cant find anywhere but here. I am a DJ at radio Satan.
If some one would contact me I have my own eclectic collecting I could share but the HTML and stuff is a bit beyond me.


Root Boy Slim & the Sex Change Band, "Dozin' and Droolin'", from 'ZOOM'.

Gave me Stelazine,
gave me thorazine,
gave me every 'zine they could think of.
Kept 'em under my toungue,
spit 'em out later on
I was crazy,
not just on the brink of.
I attacked a coupla guards
They made it awful hard
Got that needle in the thigh
Then the time slooowwed by.
by the time the doctors came around,
I waz Dozin'
and Droolin'


Thanks Doug! This is like an early Premium present from GTDS :)

Georgy Girl

Talkin' To Myself - Art
I think I'm Going Weird - Art
Jumping at Shadows - Fleetwood Mac

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