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January 21, 2008



Hey, talking about superheros, how about the Things Moyel? Ya think maybe he used a rock saw?

Jonathan Steinke

No joke! Or a Package Shark. Or maybe just a simple aluminum softball bat.


Some of these are truer than others, or based predominantly on inferences about a character's background. For years Marvel refused to confirm whether Magneto was Jewish, just that he was a survivor of the Holocaust, and at one point seemed to start implying he was actually a gypsy. They finally allowed that he was a Jew a few years back.

Jonathan Steinke

Vib2 or Vjb2, I can't tell (;--thanx for the comment! It is a shame but, then again, it was 1963. BUT how many other races other than Jews and gypsies were the predominant victims of the Holocaust? I mean, how much of what children of the day would have read in these comics would not have been much different than what they were learning about in history class. Crazy...

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