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January 01, 2008



Nice choices, it's nice to see Patrick Wolf on someone's list.

Also a fan of Apparat (especially the last half of the album) and of Mum.


Thanks Greg! Patrick Wolf certainly deserves to be on many top 10 lists. The Mum record really blew me away. I just couldn't stop listening to it. I love how different it is from a lot of their older work.

Apparat never lets me down, so no surprise there. Tegan and Sara really surprised me. I had no idea "The Con" would be as good as it is. That was a really nice surprise. And, if you're into hip hop at all, be sure to check out El-P's record. It's one of the best hip hop records I've ever heard.

I'm still discovering new records from 2007! Please feel free to post your Top Albums of 2007.

Happy New Year!


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Guerilla Lou

As usual I mostly agree with your top albums...though I still will argue with you about the Tegan and Sara album... That should be bumped from either list making room for the Battles album to move up from runner ups... Just my opinion of course. I would say for myself the Battles album is the one album that I listened to last year that I won't put down ever. El-P is right beside that for rekindling my love of "good" hip-hop. And why no love for Dan Deacon's Spiderman of the Rings? That album showed such an unrepentant joy throughout that I still am amazed by it. See you soon HotRod. All my love.

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